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Family Mediation

When you and your spouse end up in the difficult position of divorce or separation, no matter how hard you try, or how amicable you are, you are likely to encounter issues that you can’t resolve on your own. If this happens you don’t need to end up in a costly court battle to negotiate a settlement, mediation could be a better alternative. You are still encouraged to use a solicitor to write any legally binding documents, but mediation is the most cost-effective and dignified alternative to what can be an extremely stressful and very expensive contested divorce proceedings in court.

Mediation offers an opportunity to work through the emotion, communication and each other's perceptions, so it is possible to get a fair and jointly negotiated settlement. Find solutions that are fair and meet the needs of all members of the family.

Courts are now obliged* to send separating or divorcing couples to attempt mediation first so they can try to reach solutions which are in the best interests of the family, rather than the court making these important decisions. You are likely to resolve things more quickly, less expensively and more efficiently and a mediation session is less formal, less intimidating and less stressful than a court.

Legal Aid is now available for clients who meet certain criteria, in order to determine this please visit

What this means is if only one of you is eligible you will both still be entitled to your MIAM and the first joint session free of charge but the person who is eligible must attend the MIAM first. After the first joint session the non-eligible party must pay the private fee (which can be found on National Family Mediation website). If you are both eligible then you will both be entitled to free mediation which includes your MIAMs and all your joint sessions. The Legal Aid agency are very strict about meeting the criteria so it will not be possible to apply unless you have all your up-to-date evidence available at the assessment meeting. Here at Salisbury Family Mediation we can work through all of this with you.

* except in cases where there are safeguarding issues